viernes, 17 de junio de 2016

Speak with german😄😄😄


Some days ago Germany girls came to my class.We had an exchange languages.We talked with them in English.Our teacher gave us some questions and we made it.It was interesting experience because we learned a lot of things about Germany.Do you know that in Germany, children talked very good English in the school.There in the school they learned English pronunciation since they were kinds.
The other day some letters arrived to my class.One girl wrote to me.
Her name is Alina,she lives in Bottingen,she is nine years old,her favourite colour is yellow and blue and her hobby is swiming and reading.Now we must respond them.
This course we have had two exchange languages, I think that these experiences help us to improve our pronunciation.
We are lucky because these exchanges languages, it isn't possible in others  Secondary School.

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  1. Good Adrián! It is good that you enjoy meeting foreign people!
    I will send the link of your post to the German teacher so that they can read your post!


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