martes, 14 de febrero de 2017


Yesterday 13 of february, 2ºESO I.E.S Cartima visited the Alhambra in Granada. In this visit we have seen Alhambra's Gardens, Nazari Palace ,Lion's Courtyard,Arrayan Palace,Carlos V Palace...We  were there all day, at half past twelve to half past seven. Students had lunch there. The visit was guided,we could see  Nazari architecture.Alhambra is a fantastic monument, it is very well preserved although it is six hundred forty years old.This monument is visited for 2,5 million people every years.

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  1. Good, Adrián.

    I like you enjoyed the Alhambra.

    To improve your text why don´t you organise ideas in paragraphs?

    Thank you very much for the video you found. It is great!


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